Concierge & Staffing Services


Need something that would be simple if you weren’t halfway around the world?
Let us know.

Forgot to do something that wasn’t a big deal at the time, but is now urgent?
We got you.

Whatever your problem, we think of the best way to handle it so you don’t have to.

We love our clients and know that they need dynamic support that doesn’t always fit into a neat category. Plus needing 12 cases of champagne in a hurry is the kind of problem we love to have!

Staffing Services

Having the right people for the job makes everything run smoothly. If you need to grow your team, let us help you hire and vet them. Log into your client portal and tell us your needs, whether it be a personal assistant, estate manager, or even temporary staff. We’ll post the position, maintaining your confidentiality, and our client resolution specialist will conduct interviews.

Once we have 3 candidates for you that have passed a background check, we’ll upload their profiles into your client portal for you to review, so by the time you meet a candidate, you know they’ve been screened, are qualified, and vetted. After you make the final decision we will take care of all the necessary legal paperwork to ensure you are protected.