All Bookkeepers Aren’t Boring

Have you ever seen anyone who is excited to go meet their accountant? I didn’t think so.

The industry is built on nit-picking, precise, number-crunchers and we all expect accountant and bookkeepers to be terribly unimaginable, gray, boring people who do the same things day in and day out in a dull robotic daze.

Well, what if I told you I am a bookkeeper and I’m not boring? Alright, are you done laughing?

I grew up as the daughter of a Jazz legend. Famous musicians and artists from all over would come to the house to jam with my pops and uncles in the basement, and my siblings and I were thrilled to be in the middle of all the action

So how did I become a bookkeeper? Simple, I get excited about routine and boring things. Before you can play jazz, you need to be able to play certain chords on an instrument over and over again. You need to learn the ins and outs, there’s a lot of repetition, and it can be boring. But if you get excited about the boring part, you’re on the way to becoming one heck of a talented musician. Then you have to add your own spin to your sound, make it your own.

That’s why I started my own business management firm. I learned the Do-Re-Mi of accounting in the big firms, wearing the boring pant suits. But I don’t know how to be boring. It’s not how I grew up and is simply not in the cards for me. If you want to pay 5% of what you make to an accountant that you’ll never look forward to seeing, I’m not your girl. If you want someone who is funny and passionate about getting you in a great place with your finances and makes sure you’re ready for your next big move, well then, we need to get acquainted.

I have many great relationships with my creative music clients. I don’t reduce them to expense categories or control their decisions.                                                                                                     However, I will tell you what I think and make you laugh if you’re decisions are not in your best interest to drive my point home. Your financial success is the heart of what we’re creating together. I’m passionate about this no matter how boring it may seem.

We all have different parts to play, so “let’s have a jam session on paper”.


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